Technology today in our industry plays a significant role to our clients’ portfolios. Here at Sage Capital we are committed to supporting the best technology for our clients. We are constantly evaluating the most efficient and advanced efforts to provide optimum results for the clients we serve. Today’s Business world requires sophisticated technology solutions that are integrated, robust, adaptable and innovative. Sage looks to provide these solutions for our clients. We use proprietary technology developed from the ground that is easy to use, consistent and reliable.

Our Technology infrastructure including Cloud Computing, hardware, software, dialers, phone system and reporting-ensures that we are productive, efficient and effective as possible for our clients. We proudly run in the Microsoft Azure Cloud. Our phone system are also cloud based. By leveraging the cloud, we assure the ultimate in up-time as we are no longer tethered to strictly to our physical location to assure ability to function effectively.

During the Covid-19 crisis, we employ Google Chromebooks for WFH, as necessary.